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Masonry & Landscape Design

Your Home. Our Reputation. The photo above showcases masonry and landscape design by Hines & Zaffarese

Landscape Design

Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping is a full service landscaping and property maintenance company serving Long Island, New York.

Hines & Zaffarese offers landscape design and installation, property maintenance, turf fertilization and pesticide programs, organic lawn care, sod & seed lawns, pruning, aerating, masonry, seasonal flowers, transplanting, ponds & water features, drywells, landscape lighting, commercial snow removal, tree removal and sprinkler system maintenance for the Garden City, New Hyde Park, Floral Park, Port Washington, Great Neck, Great Neck Estates, Old Westbury, Bellerose Village, Mineola, East Williston, Williston Park, Albertson, Searingtown, Roslyn, East Hills, Roslyn Harbor, Sea Cliff, Glen Cove, Glen Head, and Brookville communities. To learn more on how we can make your property look its best, please review our services below. If you have any questions or would like an estimate, please contact us at your convenience. Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping — All You Need For A Beautiful Lawn!


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Landscape Design & Installation

Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping provides complete landscaping design and installation

Looking to turn your property into an oasis that you and your family can enjoy year round? Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping can design and install the perfect environment for you to relax and unwind. From elegant landscaping structures to the creation of ponds, waterfalls and other water features, Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping does it all!


Property Maintenance

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Timely property maintenance is crucial for a great looking lawn

The single most important element in maintaining any landscaping design is consistent service. Quality property maintenance has been one of the keys to our success. When we provide maintenance on your property we engage in a partnership. We consider each account family and provide service with that in mind. Employees are professional, courteous and well-trained for their specific tasks. Trucks are marked with our logo, and we use only the latest equipment. Emergency service is available.

A well maintained landscape can do wonders for lifestyle and the overall ambiance for the homeowners and their neighborhood. Our professional, well-trained staff works hard to elicit the natural beauty of your landscape through regular maintenance and expert care. Our regular maintenance program includes mowing, raking, blowing, edging, pruning, weeding and the nurturing of flowerbeds. We can also fertilize and provide weed control for your lawn. Our maintenance services are available on a weekly or biweekly basis. We also offer tree and shrub service, lawn aeration, thatch control, and sprinkler system upkeep.

If your lawn is not becoming to you — You should be coming to us!


Commercial Landscaping

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Professional Landscaping Service for your Commercial Property

Hines & Zaffarese can handle any of your commercial landscaping needs on Long Island, New York. From annual maintenance programs to complete landscape design and renovation, call Hines & Zaffarese for all your horticulture and landscaping needs.

Hines & Zaffarese is a total commercial landscaping solution, providing quality landscaper services on a contract basis to private companies, colleges, condominiums, homeowners' associations and real estate management companies. Hines & Zaffarese is staffed with professionally trained personnel who keep abreast with the latest technological advances in the field of landscaping and property maintenance. We are highly skilled and experienced in preventative maintenance to preempt problems that could become major issues.

Hines & Zaffarese understands the safety and security of our commercial landscaping endeavors are crucial for success. Our team arrives in uniformed attire and in well-marked vehicles. Our team is fully insured and are accustomed to working in environments that require attention to the consideration of business owners. Hines & Zaffarese operates with quality, professional equipment that is regularly maintained and checked for safety.


Turf Fertilization & Pesticide Programs

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An effective fertilizing program can be the difference between a neighborhood showpiece and a sandlot

At Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping we are proud to be able to offer you professional in-house fertilization services. Our Fertilization program is based on a wealth of knowledge in all areas of plant health. Each fertilization program is tailored to your property's unique situation. Some of the services we offer include: bed, walkway and patio weed control, lawn fertilization, soil testing, tree & shrub fertilization and pest control and tick and mosquito control.

With our commitment to the environmental, our goal is to improve your landscape using cultural practices instead of just relying on chemicals if you desire an organic solution. If you have been doing your own fertilization in the past, let us help you achieve the results you are looking for in a safe and economical manner that's enviromentally sound. If you have been using another service come see the difference that our approach can make to you property and your peace of mind.


Organic Lawn Care

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Demand grows for organic lawn care, organic landscaping and organic land maintenance

Growing public awareness of the hazards associated with the use of pesticides, plus new legislation mandating least toxic and non-toxic alternatives, are fueling a new opportunity forproperty owners who want good asthetics combined with professional organic land and organic lawn care. Many people are becoming more interested in using landscape tactics that do not harm the earth. In addition to being great for the environment, organic landscaping can also provide benefits for your health.

The lawn is most often the most visible part of a landscape. It seems as though many people thing it is necessary to use a great deal of chemicals to keep pests from ruining the lawn or to help the lawn grow well. The truth, however, is that by actively caring for the soil in your lawn as well as the grass, you can create a healthier lawn. This can be done in a number of ways that do not involve chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and to your health.

One of these ways is the use of organic fertilizer. There are compositions of fertilizer made entirely of organic materials. These fertilizers do cost more up front, but as they are used regularly reduce long run costs. The decrease the need for chemicals that can become expensive (and if applied wrong can actually damage you lawn more than help it), and they do not need to be applied as often. So, the cost often evens out eventually, as you have to apply the synthetic fertilizer much more often.

Another way to take care of the lawn is to use practices that promote healthy soil and better grass roots. One of these practices, which Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping feels is quite beneficial, is a process called aeration. Aeration relieves soil compaction by punching holes in the ground. This helps by making the soil easier to go through. This means that the roots have more room to go deeper, and organisms, like earthworms, that actually help the health of your grass, have more room to move about and make their homes. This results in naturally healthy grass that withstands pests better and keeps weeds out on its own.


Sod & Seed Lawns

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When we talk about a house having "curb appeal," few things contribute as much as a beautiful home lawn.

Grass seed is the starting place of any great lawn. Grass seed comes in many different varieties, including warm and cool season grasses. Warm season seed types include St. Augustine, Bermuda grass, centipede and zoysia. Cool season grasses include Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescue. Planting a mixture of grass types, rather than just one, is a solid strategy for ensuring that you develop an even, robust lawn.

Sod is basically grass that is connected to the soil beneath it by its roots. It is grown and cultivated by professional landscapers and landscaping companies. Using sod is an alternative to planting a lawn from scratch using seed, think if it as a pre-fab lawn. Sod is often sold in large, rolled bundles where it can be quickly laid down.

Most people are surprised to hear that fall planting is better than spring. For one thing, spring plantings face much more weed competition. But more importantly, as soon as spring-planted grass is up and growing, it has to face the rigors of summer heat and dry weather. Fall planted grasses have both the fall season and spring season to grow and mature before facing summer heat.


Masonry & Hardscaping

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Projects range from simple garden highlights to elaborate award winning designs

An elegant entry way, or a romantic patio will transform and add value to your home. Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping will marry old world workmanship with new world sophistication to turn your project into something truly special. We use natural stones, interlocking paving stones, and brick work.


Tree Pruning & Removal

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Winter Tree Pruning

Winter is a great time for tree pruning. Without leaves we can more easily see the structure of the tree and determine which branches should stay, be trimmed or be removed. Pruning while dormant is also the healthiest for the tree because temperatures and infection rates are at their lowest.

Tree removal. After a thorough assessment, if it is deemed necessary, we can provide tree removal services as well.


Residential & Commercial Snow Removal

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Quality never goes out of season!

Commercial or residential, Hines & Zaffarese can remove snow from your sidewalks, pathways, driveway or parking lots. We will meet with you to provide a quote and discuss your specific needs. We have at our disposal snowblowers, plows and other snow removal gear to tackle any size job.

Snow removal is an important part of Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping. We have been very successful providing snow removal for all of our lawn maintenance service customers and feel this is a natural extension of our service relationship. We also provide very specialized services, such as shoveling rooftops to remove very heavy wet snow in order to save homes or buildings from collapse.


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