Landscape Design With Maintenance In Mind


Property Maintenance

Your Home. Our Reputation. One of the many homes that Hines & Zaffarese professionally maintain in Long Island, NY.

Company History

Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping is a full service landscaping and property maintenance company serving Long Island, New York.

Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping, Inc. is a full service landscaping company based in Garden City Park, NY. Founded in 2004, the company was formed as a result of a merger between Donald Hines Landscaping, Inc. and Vincent Zaffarese Landscaping, Inc. Prior to the merger Donald Hines worked independently for 12 years and Vincent Zaffarese for five.

In 2008, Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping decided to expand its services and geographic area by merging with Michael Shevlin's New Season Landscape Design and Maintenance, Inc. Together with Vincent Zaffarese, Shevlin is determined to grow the company organically while maintaining the professional quality and customer service the organization is known for in New York.